Introducing Widgets

Introducing Widgets

Reed Moseng

Widgets have been the most requested Shorts or Pants feature by far.

I'm so happy to announce that with 1.7, they're finally here!

You can now add a widget with any card you want, for any of your locations!

Home Screen with one widget

You can even fill one of your home screens entirely with cards!

Home Screen full of widgets

if only we could hide or change the app title for each widget, but alas

Widgets automatically use your theme and units from the app:

Widgets in each theme: juicy, spooky, and merry

For complete immersion, you can set your home screen background to match the app. Here are backgrounds for each of the themes:

(they're only 100x100, but that's fine, because it's only one color 😉)

Please reach out to request other widget types you want to see! Also, this is the first version of widgets, so let me know if you run into any issues or unexpected behavior.

🩳 👖