Release Notes


This update brings iPad support! Along with some other goodies, and a lot of work under the hood.

iPad Support:

  • Before, you could use the app on iPad, but it was really just an enlarged version of the iPhone app
  • This update brings full native iPad support, so it should use the space much more effectively
  • Please reach out if there’s anything specific you’d like with iPad support — this is just the beginning

Cards and Forecasts as sheets:

  • Cards and forecasts will appear from the bottom as sheets when you tap on them
  • This is a minor difference, but it should make it easier to quickly view cards and forecasts
  • Also, they can be dismissed by swiping down from the top!

Pretty things:

  • When you tap into a card, you get to see a bigger version of that very same card!
  • Updated the shorts or pants view to be a bit more clear and contained
  • Added a fancy new delete confirmation view for when you delete cards or conditions

Secret stuff:

  • TONS of behind the scenes work, in preparation for awesome (formula related) things coming soon.

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Released: 18 Feb 2022