Release Notes


This release contains a bunch of little things that should (hopefully) all add up to make the app feel much better. I’ve given fresh paint to a ton of screens to match the Shorts or Pants feel. At the same time, I’ve tried to re-imagine some experiences that never felt quite right.

Totally new card moving and editing

  • Tap the cards icon to get into the new card editing screen
  • Switch between Move, Delete, and Add modes
  • Move and delete your cards while seeing where they will end up
  • Make the ultimate card setup!
  • Delete a card on accident? No worries, just switch modes and add it back!

Revamped location editing experience

  • Tap the shiny new pencil icon to start editing locations
  • Move locations up and down
  • Or, delete them (up to you)

Added a new screen when requesting location access

  • It explains exactly why we need to ask for location access before giving you a popup
  • This isn’t normally that exciting, but secrets lie within

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Released: 27 May 2022